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Photo by Jason Leung on Unsplash
Photo by Jason Leung on Unsplash
Bild von truthseeker08 auf Pixabay


We are committed to this campaign and ask companies and institutions to support our activities to make your life a bit more peaceful and worth living.

To all girls and boys and their parents, please contact us. Tell us your story and your hurdles in your life regarding this issue.

To all companies and well-situated people, please support our activities. There needs to be a community to make life better for people who are discriminated. This is what we stand for.

We will support you by providing scholarships to as many girls and boys as possible so they can achieve their goals in the world of football. May your dreams become more and more realistic and well supported. Simply because EVERYONE deserves it.

Haxthaus and their players are fully committed to the cause. This is our understanding of #socialresponsibility

Please raise your hand, tell us your story and the reason why you need our support to improve your daily soccer life. Do not hesitate to apply for help and our support at:

Photo by Helen Cheng on Unsplash

This campaign is supported by: Andrine Tomter, Caroline Graham Hansen, Dejana Stefanovic, Elisabeth Terland, Emilie Bragstad, Emilie Joramo, Frida Maanum, Heidi Ellingsen, Ingrid Syrstad Engen, Marie Dølvik Markussen, Synne Skinnes Hansen, Thea Kyvåg, Tuva Hansen, Vilde Hasund

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