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We at haxthaus strictly follow the motto “quality before quantity” and that also means that we only take care of a few players, but with the necessary care and attention. As a result we know our own limits and express those clearly. We can not advise every player and bring them to their club of their dreams, but we can provide all players who sign up with us, an honest assessment of their potential. This assessment will not always meet your perceptions and expectations, but will be an assessment of your actual ability. After your registration, it may take some time before you get a rating from us, because a serious assessment is only possible if we can watch a game you are playing in.

Promising talents fall through the grid again and again for clubs and scouts. It is of course completely impossible for any club to identify EVERY player and to identify if the ambition level is in place, which will be necessary to reach and achieve bigger goals.

For this reason, we have created a portal where every female player can register their ambitions and desires. “Scout yourself”, short “SCY”. A portal that has not existed so far, is accessible to every female football player and can be used by anyone who wants to move from a “good level” to a better level. Your parents, relatives, friends and of course you yourself can sign up and request a classification.

In our opinion, especially in women’s football a nationwide and close-meshed scouting is not yet given, especially for younger players and partly regional . We enable players to become active themselves and thereby initiate their own chance for a realistic assessment of their abilities and possible next steps.

Jens Wenzl

Hanna Wenzl